Ferrara, HPO HQ Opening, October 2019

A laser tent in the centre of Ferrara.
In the alleys of the Jewish ghetto of Ferrara, with the launch of its headquarter, HPO retraces the creative results of the Hong Kong protests.
Who would have thought that a laser pointer would become one of the symbols of the current protests in Hong Kong, and yet, it is perhaps the best tool that a demonstrator can adopt. The unconventional use of seemingly common objects modifies their function, sometimes turning them into symbols.
With Laserhut HPO, through 20 light rays, encloses a space able to associate to the most futuristic of materials the most primitive of shelters. Inside, if it can be defined, a screen illustrates the path that led the students of the former British colony to react to their limits with creative responses, while the visitor finds shelter in what can be described as an intangible structure.

Andrea Bighi (ph)
Matteo De Salvia (tech support)
Filippo Farina (tech support)