codex faenza

Faenza, Ridotto Teatro Masini
April 2018
Ferrara, Ferrara Residency Finissage October 2018

Codex Faenza is a 16th century manuscript, containing some of the most ancient scores of instrumental music in the world.

During Be Again 2018 festival, which took place in the Masini Theater, we proposed a performance that took into account the general theme of the event (reuse and recycling) as well as the reference to the manuscript, heavy heritage for the place. The music, electronic adaptation of the ancient scores, lends itself as a structure to the flow of projections, largely improvised manipulation of waste materials: plastic, leaves, twine, metal. The stage design dematerializes everything except the projection flow, and therefore poses itself as an abstract curtain, a white partition between audience and performers.

The performance was revived in a reduced version in Ferrara during the event 'Ferrara Residency Finissage' organized by Resina and hosted by Teatro Off.

Resina Ferrara,
Atelier Be,
Andrea Bighi (ph)